To Fly

Oh to start so small and insignificant … then become so large and powerful!  Look at the hues, the shapes, the sizes, the masterful way they float up into the air.  They scream, “LOOK AT ME!”  We watch, we wait, we stand in awe of the colors soaring … soaring … soaring into the sky.  The large and powerful … become small again, but not insignificant, small and oh so powerful, so beautiful.  We could watch all day and revel in the significance. … to be seen … to wonder … to fly … to... read more

End of the School Year & Teacher Gifts

While we are finally out of school here in Alabama, I am sure there are a few of you around the country that are scrambling for a great teacher gift!  I wanted to share some these canvases I made for my daughter’s sweet teachers.  I loved making these ( … because I am always thinking up reasons to paint) and I think the teachers were thrilled with them as well.  One of her teachers asked if she could contact me should her room colors change, so I think they were pleased. Whenever I am looking for inspiration, I always go to Pinterest first (please follow me here).  There are SO many talented people out there with so much to share and show the world.  I found these super cute canvases and made them my own (complete with original signature so the teachers can become uber wealthy when I make it big, HA!). Below are a few more end of the year teacher gifts I have made in past years.  There are so many good ideas out there so it’s hard to go wrong.  I am sure most teachers appreciate the gifts that come from the heart, so make sure to write a heartfelt note to include with your gift.  Teachers work SO hard and really is there anything more important than our kids education? I loved this one and the kids just adored being able to write the teacher a sweet note and sign the frame.  Win... read more